Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Announces Lineup for Supercross Anaheim 1

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna announced their lineup for the 2019 Supercross season and there were some surprises to fans and experts alike. The announcement took place at the Husqvarna Motorcycles headquarters in Murrieta, California at a private media event. The team is bringing back a couple of riders as well as bringing in a couple of new riders that should increase the competitiveness of their team. Look at the podium at Supercross Anaheim 1 to see how the team fares in the first event of the 2019 season. Husqvarna’s team manager is confident going into the 2019 season and believes that the team can make a lot of noise.

Lineup for Supercross Anaheim 1

Team Manager Bobby Hewitt said, “Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing had a great 2018 Supercross season, in achieving two championships. Looking forward to 2019, we are going to work even harder to have a repeat successful season. Having both Anderson and Osborne in the 450 premier class is beneficial as we have young, up and coming 250 riders on our team. Covington, Mosiman, and Bailey are training hard for the upcoming season. I feel very fortunate to have a great staff, strong manufacturer support with Husqvarna Motorcycles, and a dedicated title sponsor again with Rockstar Energy. We are surrounded with 100% support and it gives everyone the confidence to have another historical season!”

Jason Anderson signed a four-year deal with the team earlier in the season so it was no surprise to anyone that he was returning to the team for the 2019 season. Anderson won the 2018 AMA Supercross 450SX Championship and he will be looking to reclaim the title in the 2019 season. Anderson will be riding the FC 450 Rockstar Edition bike during the 2019 season so be on the lookout for the bike and its’ incredible design. Anderson is looking to get back out there and turn some heads at Supercross Anaheim 1.

“The 2019 season is rapidly approaching and I look forward to getting back to Supercross,” Anderson said. “It’s going to be stacked this year in the 450 class and I look forward to consistently racing my way to the podium.”

Husqvarna has one other rider in the 450 class and he is a rookie, Zach Osborne. He won the 250SX East Region twice and was the 2017 250 Pro Motocross Champion. He could make a lot of noise as a 450 rookie but he is far from a rookie experience wise. Husqvarna lost a 450 rider in Dean Wilson, and there was some hope that he would return for the 2019 season but he has decided to ride as a privateer. Wilson will be dearly missed at Supercross Anaheim 1. But, it was easy to see that Osborne was pumped to be in the 450 class for the first time.

“2019 marks my rookie season in the 450 class, an opportunity I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid,” Osborne said. “The 450 class is the pinnacle of the sport and I’m very excited to try my hand and see what I can do against the best in the sport.”

Thomas Covington is coming back to the United States motocross scene after spending his entire career in Europe riding in the FIM Motocross World Championship. It will be interesting to see how he fares in the 250 Supercross class. It will be interesting to see him compete at Anaheim 1 as that will be his first race. He is certainly excited to prove his worth to the motocross world and show his stuff against some of the best in the world.

“I’m really excited to continue my relationship with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing here in the States with Bobby Hewitt’s team,” Covington said. “They’ve had a lot of success in the last couple years, so I’m thankful to get this opportunity.”

Michael Mosiman is returning to the team after a moderately successful 2018 250 class season. Mosiman is looking to continue improving to try and get into the 450 class for the 2020 season. Keep a close eye on him as he is one of the rising stars in the sport.

“I’m excited and honored to be riding for such a proven team as Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing,” Mosiman said. “After having a whole season healthy under my belt, I think we’ll be able to go out and turn some heads in 2019.”

Make sure that you tune into Supercross Anaheim 1 to see how Anderson and the rest of the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team fares in the first race of the season. Anderson will most likely continue to dominate in the 450 class to try and win his second title in a row.

ClubMX and Traders Racing are merging for Supercross Anaheim 1

Supercross has a new team that should be a formidable force in the coming year for 2019. ClubMX and Traders Racing have decided to join forces to compete with the larger factory teams in the 2019 Supercross season. This will add even more excitement to the first race of the season, Anaheim 1.

Anaheim 1 SX Live Stream

“We are very excited to combine efforts with ClubMX for the 2019 season and beyond,” said Traders team manager Kenny Day in a statement. “Making this move will essentially allow our team to be in one central location. Working together with one goal in mind is something I have always desired as a team manager and I feel I have found it with the merger with ClubMX. ClubMX has the best training facility in the country in my opinion and I’m really looking forward to building this relationship to help grow both parties involved. Together I truly believe we will have the full package to not only deliver better results but also offer more of a return to all of our sponsors than in years prior.”

A lot of fans are unsure who both teams will keep as riders. Most fans and experts believe that Joey Crown, Luke Renzland, Jayce Pennington, and Josh Osby will likely be on the team in 2018. There has not been an announcement as to who will remain on the team but keep a close eye as I am sure the riders and team are eager to announce their new team. There also has been no announcement as to what the newly merged team will be called. Most people are speculating that the team will carry the ClubMX name on. We will have to wait and see for Anaheim 1 to see what the new team will be called.

Non-Factory teams struggle to compete with factory teams as they do not have the financial backing of the factory teams. This has created a large concentration of teams at the top of the sport of Supercross because smaller teams simply cannot compete with the factory teams. Think of it as soccer, Manchester United have an astoundingly large budget to spend on their team; a team like Everton simply cannot compete because they do not have the budget for great players. That is exactly what is happening in Supercross, the factory teams have more resources so all of the best riders in the world go to those teams. ClubMX and Traders Racing have been struggling to compete with the factory teams at the top level and merging together will allow their riders to compete with the top teams.

Traders race director Skip Norfolk said, “The combining of efforts with ClubMX is a great opportunity for both of us. Competing with the factory teams is becoming more difficult and costly. Being able to offer a complete package to our riders with a training program, nutrition program, the nation’s top tracks to train on, well-maintained practice bikes as well as competitive race bikes are critical to their development and ultimately their success on race day. We are in a position now to compete with the best in the world. Also, we are now able to enhance the marketability of the race team. We will be able to offer a retail avenue to our partners, all in an effort to sell products. That is the bottom line, how to help those companies sell more products… it has to be more than just racing, and we are beyond excited to now be able to offer that.”

This was a great move for ClubMX and Traders Racing as they will be a much more formidable force in Supercross plus they can bring in more revenue which will further enhance their standing in the Supercross season. It will be interesting to see if smaller teams decide to go the route of ClubMX and Traders Racing and merge together. The 2019 season should be even more competitive now and fans are even more excited for Anaheim 1.

We will have to wait for more updates in the coming weeks as teams continue to prepare for the 2019 Supercross season. One thing is for sure, Anaheim 1 will be filled with plenty of great drama and excitement to make sure that you tune for it!

Rocky Mountain Fantasy SX

Sign-ups for the 2019 Rocky Mountain Fantasy SX, presented by Rocky Mountain ATV/AC, will soon be announced. Supercross fans should stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the 6th edition of Rocky Mountain Fantasy SX.

Rocky Mountain SX is the ultimate Supercross fantasy game for fans to compete with each other across the country. In 2018, Rocky Mountain SX gave away $100,000 worth of grand prizes including KTM 450 SX-F and 250 SX-F dirt bikes as the top two prizes. The popularity of the fantasy game increases every year and is closing in the 100,000 marks in participants (70,000 competed in 2017’s edition).

Rocky Mountain Fantasy SX

The rules are simple as players make predictions for the top-5 with the addition of a wildcard rider in each round of the AMA Supercross season. The point system for the game did change slightly during the 2018 season. The point totals for each position were changed to the following: 1st place = 26 points; 2nd place = 23 points; 3rd place = 21 points; 4th place = 19 points; 5th place = 18 points; wildcard = 26 points. In addition to the points change, players have now rewarded 5 points for a rider that finishes in a different position than they predicted as long as they still finish in the top-5.

The top-10 players each week are rewarded weekly prizes in the contest over the course of the season. The biggest prizes of the contest are saved for the top-10 overall players at the end of the season. Last season’s top-10 grand prizes include:

  1. Race-prepped KTM 450 SX-F
  2. Race-prepped KTM 250 SX-F
  3. Monster Energy Cup Red Carpet Giveaway
  4. Red Rock RM Riding Experience
  5. Dunlop Proving Grounds VIP Trip
  6. Alpinestars Gear and Casual Wear Package
  7. Milestone Video Game Prize Pack
  8. Motion Pro Tool and Accessory Package
  9. Tusk Impact Wheel Set
  10. Oakley Goggles and Sunglasses Package

What kind of prizes are in store for 2019? Stay updated for the official announcement at RM Fantasy SX to find out all information for this season’s edition of Rocky Mountain Fantasy SX. Sign up and play is always free for the dedicated fans of the sport!

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Find the Best Between MXGP and AMA Motocross

MXGP and AMA Motocross has several differences. They are organized on opposite edges of the world, featuring different athletes and run by different people. Even their fans are different, and both often argue to prove that their series is the best. Both sets are worlds apart. For instance, the name of motocross is different than MXGP. For each signature obstacle, track style or elite sportspersons in MXGP, both series are comparable.

MXGP and AMA Motocross

Look at a few of these corresponding items that make two different championships look similar.

Leap of LaRocco: AMA

While considering the big jumps of America, your mind will stop at RedBud National, Michigan for LaRocco’s Leap. In fact, it was 40m in length, and it would be difficult to look beyond anyway. It can’t be the biggest jump in the AMA because of some preposterous boosters currently built at Glen Helen and Hangtown. Still, it is a considerable jump and the iconic and oldest signature obstacles of AMA. It is named after the former racer of AMA, Mike LaRocco. He is the person who manages the vast Honda GEICO team.

Almost 20 years before, a native of Michigan came up with an exciting idea to recreate a massive jump at a private practice track at RedBud, nicknamed Kong. Co-owner of the track Tim Ritchie approved, and a leap of LaRocco comes into existence. Appropriately, LaRocco became the first rider to remove the flaws of a massive launch, although he went home and obtained his particular factory bike for this purpose.

After two decades or even more, the massive jump is intimidating, though several riders will boast that it is easy. The Leap has technical difficulties, and it takes a massive set of specific balls to complete this job.

If you have seen a jump personally, you are justified in relating it. Standing at a foundation and gazing up at the face of jump, which may look more than a wall from this vintage than a launch ramp, is sufficient to affect the people with weak hearts to immediately load their backup and drive to their home. You may hit the wall like James Stewart and pray that you are going quick enough to clear your uphill landing.

Luckily, people who have to complete “The Leap” generally know their activities. When they get a chance to do this, they will get a reward from hundreds of screaming fans with air horns, saluting and yelling, beer-soaked paws shove high in the midair. For LaRocco, he is not interested in doing anything to do with this jump, but he is sure that he could do it in a better way if he needed to.

The Quad Lommel: MXGP

There are some vast and jumps on the calendar of MXGP, but these two stand out if you are looking at sheer guts needed to brand them.

The arduous quad at Basin Matterley, in the United Kingdom, is not for a faint-hearted person. If you are an 8th-time world champion, such as Tony Cairoli, you may even throw in one sassy overtake on this event, but we would perhaps advise beside doing that.

When the MXGP moved to Thailand in 2016 for the 1st time, there was one large tabletop for single-leap, EvgenyBobryshev that Russian rider. He is the only man to clear it in a go and touch the skies as his achievements reveal. He stated that you require vast coconuts to surmount.

On the scene of MXGP, the topmost jump, for your money, is in Europe, at Lommel. A courtyard in the beat unit at the famous Belgian track requires ultimate skills and the best to tackle it.

Gautier Paulin presented his rivals and enthralled fans in 2014, how to manage it in a unique style and he tacked it. The Frenchman avoid mess around while making his way around.

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In fact, both championships have their charm. The supercross championship is a new version of the racing championship of motocross with a dirt bike. The motocross needs long courses that are designed on the natural dirt and topography is naturally available. The earth hauled stadiums are identified of supercross races. These races held in covered domes and open stadiums from January to May.

AMA Supercross 2019 Preview & Analysis

The 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross schedule, an FIM World Championship, has been unveiled and this year’s edition looks to be as promising as ever. The 2019 schedule features 17 rounds which will feature brand new locations and make long-awaited returns to former hosts of AMA Supercross events around the country. AMA Supercross will stroll into Nashville, Tennessee’s Nissan Stadium for the first time ever and will return to Denver, Colorado’s Broncos Stadium at Mile High for the first time in over 20 years. The entirety of the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross schedule is detailed below:

Jan 5 – Angel Stadium | Anaheim, California

Jan 12 – State Farm Stadium | Glendale, Arizona

Jan 19 – Angel Stadium | Anaheim, California

Jan 26 – Oakland-Alameda Coliseum

Feb 2 – Petco Park | San Diego, California

Feb 9 – US Bank Stadium | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Feb 16 – AT&T Stadium | Arlington, Texas

Feb 23 – Ford Field | Detroit, Michigan

Mar2 – Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mar 9 – Daytona Intl. Speedway | Daytona Beach, Florida

Mar 16 – Lucas Oil Stadium | Indianapolis, Indiana

Mar 23 – CenturyLink Field | Seattle, Washington

Mar 30 – NRG Stadium | Houston, Texas

Apr 6 – Nissan Stadium | Nashville, Tennessee

Apr 13 – Broncos Stadium at Mile High | Denver, Colorado

Apr 27 – MetLife Stadium | East Rutherford, New Jersey

May 4 – Sam Boyd Stadium | Las Vegas, Nevada

All tickets for the season will go on sale Tuesday, October 23rd. Fans will not want to miss out on a special presale which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 9th.

Many features will be utilized to create a unique and energizing experience for all Supercross fans. Sophisticated technology such as spidercam footage and displays of riders’ heart rate monitors for fans in the stadium will boost fan experience at each event. Event organizers are pulling out all the stops to create the most electric atmosphere to coincide with the sport’s dedicated followers.

The 2019 season will introduce the first-ever AMA Supercross developmental program for the sport’s stars of tomorrow. Supercross Futures, a successor of AMSOIL Arenacross, will be an AMA Amateur National Championship to feature eight amateur events throughout the season. The first event of the championship will be held in Glendale, Arizona on January 13th. All AMA Amateur National Championship events will take place on Sundays the day after professional events. The amateur events will conclude on October 20-21, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada following the Monster Energy Cup on October 19. The amateur series build upon last season’s four amateur events which averaged 700+ entries per event. Supercross Futures will allow youngsters to test their skills on the top tracks and earn points to attain their professional AMA Supercross license.

For the first time in four years, AMA Supercross welcomed a new champion to reign over the competition as Jason Anderson took home the crown. Anderson is the first champion in the AMA Supercross 450 class other than Ryan Dungey or Ryan Villopoto since 2009. Dungey won the previous three championships and won in 2010. Villopoto took home the championship four consecutive seasons from 2011-2014. All eyes will be turned to Anderson as fans are eager to see if this is the beginning of another dominant dynasty in the sport.

Featured on the 2019 schedule will be three Triple Crown events and two East-West showdowns to shake things up throughout the season. The events will be revealed to the public once tickets go on sale October 23rd. The first-ever premier class champion, Eli Tomac, will defend his title within the Triple Crown as riders from every class will face-off in a battle royale against one another in three events.

This year’s edition of the Monster Energy Cup will take place on October 13th, 2018 inside Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sport’s largest invite-only all-star event features all the top names in the sport. The event’s prizes include a $250,000 purse and a potential $1 Million bonus if a competitor wins all three 10-Lap Main Events. Features of the track of this year’s Monster Energy Cup include arches that rise from the track into the grandstands, dual sand sections, dual over-under bridges, and the inclusion of the Joker Lane to challenge drivers. The event can be watched live on FS2 or on the FOX Sports GO app at 6:30pm PT. Tickets for the event can be purchased online

As the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season draws near, fans and event organizers alike are pumped for another edition of the two-wheeled spectacle. FIM president VitoIppolito stated, “Supercross is also a demanding discipline and one that brings the best out of the riders and their teams. But most of all, it is an unpredictable sport that can take us all by surprise!”

Supercross fans get ready for another thrilling, intense season of the world’s best riders in action and a heightened fan experience to boot!