ClubMX and Traders Racing are merging for Supercross Anaheim 1

Supercross has a new team that should be a formidable force in the coming year for 2019. ClubMX and Traders Racing have decided to join forces to compete with the larger factory teams in the 2019 Supercross season. This will add even more excitement to the first race of the season, Anaheim 1.

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“We are very excited to combine efforts with ClubMX for the 2019 season and beyond,” said Traders team manager Kenny Day in a statement. “Making this move will essentially allow our team to be in one central location. Working together with one goal in mind is something I have always desired as a team manager and I feel I have found it with the merger with ClubMX. ClubMX has the best training facility in the country in my opinion and I’m really looking forward to building this relationship to help grow both parties involved. Together I truly believe we will have the full package to not only deliver better results but also offer more of a return to all of our sponsors than in years prior.”

A lot of fans are unsure who both teams will keep as riders. Most fans and experts believe that Joey Crown, Luke Renzland, Jayce Pennington, and Josh Osby will likely be on the team in 2018. There has not been an announcement as to who will remain on the team but keep a close eye as I am sure the riders and team are eager to announce their new team. There also has been no announcement as to what the newly merged team will be called. Most people are speculating that the team will carry the ClubMX name on. We will have to wait and see for Anaheim 1 to see what the new team will be called.

Non-Factory teams struggle to compete with factory teams as they do not have the financial backing of the factory teams. This has created a large concentration of teams at the top of the sport of Supercross because smaller teams simply cannot compete with the factory teams. Think of it as soccer, Manchester United have an astoundingly large budget to spend on their team; a team like Everton simply cannot compete because they do not have the budget for great players. That is exactly what is happening in Supercross, the factory teams have more resources so all of the best riders in the world go to those teams. ClubMX and Traders Racing have been struggling to compete with the factory teams at the top level and merging together will allow their riders to compete with the top teams.

Traders race director Skip Norfolk said, “The combining of efforts with ClubMX is a great opportunity for both of us. Competing with the factory teams is becoming more difficult and costly. Being able to offer a complete package to our riders with a training program, nutrition program, the nation’s top tracks to train on, well-maintained practice bikes as well as competitive race bikes are critical to their development and ultimately their success on race day. We are in a position now to compete with the best in the world. Also, we are now able to enhance the marketability of the race team. We will be able to offer a retail avenue to our partners, all in an effort to sell products. That is the bottom line, how to help those companies sell more products… it has to be more than just racing, and we are beyond excited to now be able to offer that.”

This was a great move for ClubMX and Traders Racing as they will be a much more formidable force in Supercross plus they can bring in more revenue which will further enhance their standing in the Supercross season. It will be interesting to see if smaller teams decide to go the route of ClubMX and Traders Racing and merge together. The 2019 season should be even more competitive now and fans are even more excited for Anaheim 1.

We will have to wait for more updates in the coming weeks as teams continue to prepare for the 2019 Supercross season. One thing is for sure, Anaheim 1 will be filled with plenty of great drama and excitement to make sure that you tune for it!

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